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Website Analysis

A clear and simple report with actionable recommendations. sends you a free website analysis report with clear instructions on how to improve your website. Recommendations are categorized and prioritized based on importance.

A Comprehensive Website Audit

Search Engines like Google rely on a wide variety of factors to rank a website. The SEO checker tool reviews the main ranking factors to help identify any setbacks your site may be experiencing.


Check your websites SEO score. See what you can improve and ensure you maximize organic ranking potential to drive traffic to your website from search engines.


Check your social media to grow your brand. Social media is important for customer communication, brand awareness and as a marketing channel to bring visitors to your website.


Check your website’s usability. Usability is important to maximize your available audience and minimize bounce rate which can impact your search engine rankings.


Check your website’s security. Security is important to ensure your website protects user data, doesn’t become compromised or experience downtime or data loss.


Check your performance to reduce page load time. Performance is important to ensure a good user experience and reduced bounce rates which can impact your rankings.


Check the technological aspects of your website such as pixels, widgets, analytics and tracking tools. See your IP Address, Web Server and other pieces of crucial information.

Improve Your Websites SEO

Bring your pages to the top of Googles search results. Our site checker reviews following elements since they are crucial ranking factors within Google’s search algorithm.


Check your title Tag and meta description and ensure they are properly optimized for search engine standards.


Identify broken links on your pages, your on-page link structure and how many backlinks your website has.


Check your heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6), keyword consistency, amount of content and image alt attributes.

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Identify whether or not your site is correctly utilizing a robots.txt file & XML Sitemap. Make sure you have a friendly structure.

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WebiMax is proud to offer this free SEO website analysis tool…

…as a free resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the SEO strengths and weaknesses of their website. We have strived to make this a comprehensive report, yet be very easy to understand for users at all levels of SEO knowledge. There are numerous plans for further enhancements to this platform so check back frequently for additional data and features and to track the progress you are making with your website. We hope that you find our free website analysis report to provide you with valuable insights that will help you to become more successful in your online marketing efforts.